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At Bandenia Challenger Bank, we are committed to delivering trade and financing solutions in the best interest of our customers. Carrying out smooth and efficient transactions with diligence and efficacy has been our driving force since day one.

What We Do

We are here to help you trade smarter and invest better


Letter of Credit

Get the international letter of credit for the facilitation of seamless trading with financial credibility across borders.


Bank Guarantee

Eliminate financial risks or unfulfilled promises with the proof of buyer’s credit through a bank guarantee.


Invoice Finance

Eliminate the limits of obtaining finances through invoice factoring without a considerable requirement of a specific credit score.


Investments and Project Funding

Our services are aim for B2B market where companies are involved or required financial related services.

Innovative business transaction solutions


Innovative solutions are always available to the finance industry that helps improve individuals' revenue and cash flow.

Investment and Trade are a few essential aspects which we expect during the business operations. Bandana Challenger Bank is providing solutions worldwide to grow the finances and working capital of customers.

Our services help you establish a smooth flow of transactions that can be occurred from anywhere in the world. We are also offering a letter of credit consultancy services in Dubai, UK, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia and India to maintain better business relations.

What are the services offered by Bandenia Challenger Bank?

For better dealing with the clients, we offer numerous services to run a smooth business. It maintains your transactions among the clients. Our agents help you meet with your financial solutions for better growth.

Account Opening

At BCB, we open your business or personal account at a dedicated bank, which provides you with surety for your money's safety. Our agents will initiate the procedure of opening a bank account, and the process is quite simple. Moreover, all the required documents will be asked from the customers to provide at the time of account opening. We make this work relatively easy and efficient since traders don't want to stop their business transactions. This entire process does not take any more time, up to 5 days.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

With our foreign exchange solutions, we offer our services in Dubai, UK, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia and India to maintain your assets or currency in foreign. Here our specialists guide you and a letter of credit refinance consultant to operate your business.

Cost Saving solutions

While working, an entrepreneur needs to do cost-cutting, wherein all additional costs may reduce their expenses. However, most entrepreneurs are unaware of the right cost-cutting. They don't know which expense needs to be cut down. BCB helps you with a cost-saving solution without impacting any other worker's salary. Our experts help you in finding all those expenses which occur without any reason.

Take guidance from experts

In Trade, it is crucial always to have a Standby Letter of Credit that might help you in future endeavors. However, many entrepreneurs are unaware of the process and documents which are required for smooth business transactions. Take guidance or assistance from BCB experts who help you thoroughly.


Register your limited company and open a Bandenia account all in one go

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    We pay the incorporation fee on your behalf and give you a free business account.

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    Apply within minutes and get set up all in one go.

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    It’s Safe

    We’re an approved formation agent with a secure Companies House integration, so you’re in good hands.

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